Project Goals

  • To develop a low cost, sustainable method for generating eletricity from a human powered-bicycle using simple menufacturing and locally available materials
  • To design a data acquisition unit (DAQ) to measure and optimize the system
  • To write 'how-to' manuals for the bike generator and DAQ for public use.

Intellectual Policy

  • This project is intended to be open-source, publicly available design so that it may be used and reproduced by anyone
  • We aim to have no Stakeholder claim any 'economic interest' in the project in accordance with this project's open-source nature

Expected deliverables

  • Report #1 by November 2nd (tentative date)
  • Report #2 by December 3rd
  • Final presentation between November 26th to December 3rd


  • Regular meeting every friday 1-2pm
  • Other meetings possible depending on request from member

Schedule (for september and october)

  • Research - readily available electronics that can be used as a generator
  • Research - biomechanics of how much power average human can generate on a bicycle (assuming some form of generator is attached to the bicycle)
  • Research - Data Acquistion Unit (DAQ), about which microprocessor to use and how it can be achieved

Webpage still under construction