ENOVA (Emulating Nature in Innovation) is a biomimicry club at the Schulich School of Engineering. What is biomimicry, you ask?

A lot of problems we deal with today, nature has probably solved it billions of years ago. From the way plants grow to maximize light absorption, to the way geckos evolved to climb walls, etc. Biomimicry is imitating these nature patterns and strategies to solve our own engineering problems.

At ENOVA we do projects based on this principle. Some of our notable prototypes include:


Smart cane

Echolocation sensors

We also focus on advocating biomimicry to the public by attending various on campus events, such as Explore IT for grade 9 girls, Mind In Motion summer camp, the Unversity’s 50th anniversary. Outside the university, we have also done presentation in high schools, and hosted a couple of TELUS Spark Adult Only Nights.

Visit our website for updates here

Interested in becoming a team member, Contact Chris Simon csimon@ucalgary.ca