The main goal of the Digitronics Club is to promote and provide an environment for hobbyist level electronics. The Arduino hardware platform is supported, however members are encouraged to explore other microprocessor architectures as well.

Current projects include:

  • A function generator based on the AD9833 chip
    • A custom designed function generator involving circuit design and pcb layout. The generator will be capable of up to 1 MHz, and capable of generating sine, square. triangle, and PWM outputs of variable amplitude and frequency.
  • 4x4x4 LED cube
    • An LED cube controlled by an Arduino. A custom 4x4x4 LED cube is soldered, and code controlling the LEDs is written to an Arduino, which multiplexes the blue LEDs.
  • Bicycle turn signal light jacket
    • A series of LEDs are connected on the jacket, and run by a Lilypad. The Lilypad will write various turn signals based on button inputs.

Meetings are in ENGG 124 on Thursdays at 6pm during the school semester.

For further information, feel free to send us a message over facebook